Addess the issue https lock logo is not displaying normally

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Where i found the solution:

Sorry for the problem with your site not always showing the padlock. If you use your browser to “View Source” you can see the code behind your pages. To “View Source”, right click on your page and then look for the View Source option. You may need to right-click on certain parts of the page if you don’t see the option immediately. When you see the page code, run a search for “http:” If you see it being used in any active link, then that is most likely the reason you’re not seeing the padlock. You will need to find the code in your site and make sure that the HTTP is not showing. That would be the only reason that you’re not seeing the padlock in the browser. There are parts of it referencing insecure links.

The key reason is that our web pages contain urls that starts with http://. And, to be specific, it was the footer links caused the problem.